New Book Finds Peace in the Heart of the Garden

Do You Doubt the Daffodil? Cover
Released June 23, 2010

Gadfly is proud to announce the release of

Do You Doubt the Daffodil?

Meditations from the Garden

By Bobbi Junod
ISBN: 978-0-9802088-3-2

Author and artist, Bobbi Junod, makes her debut with an inspirational heartfelt walk through the garden in Do You Doubt the Daffodil? Meditations from the Garden. Filled with meditations accompanied by intriguing drawings, photographs and quirky humor, Junod takes the reader on a journey of self-reflection finding peace in the heart of the garden.

Do You Doubt the Daffodil? is the result of a lifetime of seeking and building a spiritual relationship. Junod takes the reader along on her walk allowing a glimpse of the very personal reflections and challenges revealed in her meditations. “For me, creativity is such an enormous part of meditation. Source just loves to play off imagination, often taking up a thread from daily life and using it to tell me a story or give me a reminder to help me in some way.”

Each page is a spiritual message of wisdom, play, challenges, and comfort that weaves a personal and uniquely different path for the reader. Belonging on the bedside table, this is not a page turner. Each morsel provides an opportunity to examine our very essence of life and how each of us fit in this world, from chaos, through self-doubt, to peace.

“It is unfortunate but true that not all of us can sit alone with nature. But lacking your own garden, Do You Doubt the Daffodil? invites you to share Bobbi and Molly’s garden through these vivid sketches and meditations. The plant and animal spirits weave nature like a web, and soon you are caught up in the magic of the seasons. These images and meditations are a joyous adventure and healing salve for anyone on a spiritual quest.”

Stephanie Landregan, Director of the Landscape Architecture program at UCLA Extension and owner of Wild by Design.

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